5 reasons your small business needs PR

PR isn’t just something for big businesses with big budgets. Here’s some food for thought as to why you should consider a PR strategy for your small business.

  1. Awareness and brand building – PR offers so many opportunities to reach new audiences. Being clear about your target market and then thinking about the outlets that cover that market is vital to get your message to the right audience. But remember that they may also discover you through others sharing publicity about you on their social channels. Content has never been shared so much on social media so think of the potential reach!
  2. It builds relationships – PR isn’t just about publicity to reach new clients. Your efforts should be about building relationships with all your stakeholders. While your key focus may be to increase awareness for boosting sales, PR can also be extremely effective for recruitment purposes or collaboration opportunities. If it’s funding that you are looking for, the right media coverage can also be used to attract the attention of investors.
  3. It builds trust – there is no doubt that businesses that are visible in the media for the right reasons, whether their owners are featured in online news stories, podcasts or as expert commentators, have credibility because of the platform they’ve been given. PR creates trust in a way that advertising can’t because it’s earned.
  4. SEO – PR and publicity definitely don’t exist in a vacuum and should always be part of your wider marketing strategy. In fact, good PR is an important part of any SEO strategy. Backlinks from websites with a high level of authority like reputable news sites are extremely powerful to Google rankings.
  5. The feelgood factor – I really love pitching great stories about ordinary people that capture the media’s attention, especially if the end result is a feelgood factor for all! So much of PR for small businesses is about spreading good news – about entrepreneurs offering something new and exciting, about business success, awards, charity partnerships, making a difference to people’s lives. Something magical happens when clients see that their efforts have been acknowledged publicly. They remember that what they do matters and that feels good for any business owner!

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