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Raise your game: 3 months of strategic PR support for small business leaders who want to grow their profile to attract new clients.

If you’re the CEO of a small business your own profile matters. If you’ve built the company the brand is an extension of you, representing your values and passion for what you do.

You need to tell your brand story and show your personality in the media so you stand out in your industry and are recognised as a leader.

You want to make sure the right people hear it, whether that’s customers, collaborators, investors or potential recruits.

Storytelling matters. But you want to speak like a human, not an algorithm, because we all know that people connect with stories rather than products and services, don’t we?

I’m a PR strategist and I’m experienced at steering business leaders through the steps they need to take to make publicity work effectively and see great results.

Good publicity takes time and research but can be transformational for your business because it showcases who you are to build a stronger connection with your audiences.

I can help you to increase your visibility and impact by generating credibility-boosting media coverage in local, national and industry specific outlets.

Social media can help amplify your publicity, but you’ve got to be featured by third party platforms first and that’s where my expertise lies!

The great thing is that when you are featured by reputable websites you get great backlinks and that boosts your SEO, so it should all be part of your marketing strategy.

We will come up with a clear plan to harness the power of PR to start building the profile that you need to get noticed.

How does it work?

  • We’ll have a two-hour session to kick off where we will deep dive into your business story and look at what your clients love about what you offer
  • We’ll identify your PR objectives and how I can best help you meet them
  • We’ll agree a strategic plan of PR activity which I’ll implement to support your objectives
  • We’ll schedule regular calls to make sure we stay on track

This is for you if:

  • You see other entrepreneurs featured in the media and think that you probably have more interesting things to say
  • You would love to show your business’ personality and expertise through thought high profile thought leadership, media coverage, podcasts and guest blogs but don’t know where to start
  • You see other businesses winning awards but you secretly believe yours is better at what it does!
  • You think social media’s great  but you want to amplify your voice on other credible platforms to reach the people you really want to speak to

This package starts at £995 each month.

If it doesn’t sound quite right for what you need do get in touch and we can discuss an alternative to suit your needs.

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